Performance Class

The first 30 minutes focuses on balance, core, posture, stability, and strength. The majority of our aches and pains are caused by poor posture and core strength. Most low back, hip, knee, and shoulder pain can be alleviated with proper strength and stability moves. The exercises we will do are the most important and should be the foundation of any exercise program, including athletes. We will work on balance on both sides of the joints, pelvic and shoulder stability, single leg stability, and core strength. We will use bands, tubing, dumbbells, the GTS machine, medicine balls, and the Vertimax to build the frame work of our bodies so they are able to function the way they were intended. I recommend this class to everybody, whether you are looking to improve posture or athletic performance, this is where it all begins, yet, it is the most neglected.

The second part of the class is for people who want to challenge their physical capabilities and improve overall performance. I recommend this for athletes and people who are looking to get into great shape, lose weight, and gain lean muscle. This segment is 30 minutes with 30 seconds of exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest (interval training for fat loss). We will work on balance, core, strength, power, and cardiovascular endurance. We will include jumping, form running, and upper/lower body power moves. A lot of the exercises will include body weight with varying types of resistance. We will use the Vertimax, GTS machine, medicine balls, tubing, bands, dumbbells, barbells, and your own body weight. A perfect class if you are looking to take your workouts to the next level or lose the weight you’ve been talking about for a while.