Personal - Training

This is highly recommended if you have any type of joint pain or limiting condition. It is also the most highly recommended if you want the best results. We offer therapeutic exercise for people with low back, shoulder, knee, or hip pain or discomfort. Training the proper muscles around a joint can correct joint imbalances, which creates much of the pain we experience. What we do every day reinforces bone alignment which may be detrimental to overall posture. With training, muscles can correct bone alignment to improve posture and give the appearance of weight loss and lessen pain and pressure on joints. We also work with people who want to lose weight, improve athletic performance, or improve quality of life. The angles which we train joints are critical for certain exercises and can be monitored closely during 1-on-1 training.

Exercises that may be beneficial can potentially turn into a disaster because of an unnoticeable mistake. We will work on overall balance, balance across all joints, posture, core, stabilization, and strength with all of our clients using the PHA training system. Depending on your goals and level of fitness, we will also work with power movements. All programs are catered to the client and no other client will be doing the same program. There is no set program that we run clients through, it is truly yours. We offer personal training sessions for up to 3 people at a time with either full sessions, which generally run about 45-50 minutes, or half sessions which run about 30 minutes.

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