Sport Performance

This is an opportunity for athletes to train either in a group or in a 1-on-1 environment. The training program will focus on building core, balance, stability, posture, strength, power, speed, and agility. The main focus early in the program is on core, balance, and posture because all explosive movements depend on having a stable structure. Many programs fail to focus on this area and go straight for heavy squats and bench presses. Although these movements are highly beneficial, they are worthless unless the core is trained properly. This stage of the training can also be thought of as an injury prevention period because we will train for balance on both sides of each joint to ensure stability. An example would be balance across the knee and hip joints. The hamstrings are often neglected and they are responsible for rotating forces on the knee, which help protect the ACL. Many ACL injuries are non-contact and studies have shown that they can be prevented with proper training. We will go over sprint, jump, and landing techniques since most non-contact ACL injuries occur when landing from a jump. After the “neuromuscular” training introduction, we will start to become more explosive and reactive. The Vertimax is a piece of equipment that you can’t find in any big gym because it takes proper guidance to be able to use it. We use the Vertimax to help increase an athlete’s vertical jump, speed, agility, lateral movement, and reaction time. It is used by many Division I and pro teams. This is a circuit style workout that will challenge the athlete’s strength, power, and cardiovascular system.