Kyle Sherman (assistant football and baseball coach at Dublin Scioto)

The intensity of the workouts at APEX has helped me improve my cardio fitness as well as my muscle strength. -Adam is extremely knowledgable and helpful. The workouts he designs are streamlined to fit my needs and my fitness goals.

Howard VanCleave

I find it hard to maintain motivation to workout by myself but with Adam’s strength & conditioning workouts in a class setting I am finding that I look forward to these workouts. I can feel myself getting stronger with greater endurance. I am into cycling and duathlons and though I have not run or biked as many miles this training period, the classes push me to work harder and I notice the difference when I compete or ride with a group now. Adam’s teaching and encouragement are keeping me “on the straight and narrow” and my core is stronger than ever. I have heard for years that physical workouts (though exhausting) actually increase your stamina and energy during the week and I have found this to be the case. So, when many people my age (63) who are working long hours like I am are taking a nap in the afternoons, I am still going strong. It is pretty amazing to me. I am sure that there are many trainers who can help people get in shape but I am just as sure that there are few who have the comprehensive knowledge and commitment that Adam demonstrates.

Reid Reynolds, Powell

I've been working out with Adam for a few months now, and I can tell a huge difference. Originally I saw him so he could help me with upper back and neck pain and discomfort I get from back surgery I had for my Kyphoscoliosis. My main issue was having trouble sleeping at night, and after seeing Adam for just a couple of weeks I noticed that I was waking up less frequently during the night and waking up more rested. Since then, we've also worked on strength training. Not only can I see the muscle increase, but my overall balance, flexibility, and strength has significantly improved.

Cathy Cordle Powell OH

I started working out with Adam to help with chronic shoulder/back pain I had been having. After working with Adam a short time the pain went away and with the continued proper training of the area it has not returned. Working out with Adam can be intense but never intimidating. It is easy to see the hard work paying off in the mirror and in how I feel as well!

Katie Dickens

Adam Toney is one of the most patient, thoughtful trainers you will ever come across. He takes your specific goals, needs, aches, and pains into consideration with every exercise. His calm, humble demeanor takes the pressure off and you realize that this workout isn't about how much you can bench press - it's about YOU being healthier, being more fit, and feeling great so you'll continue to improve. As a female, he may be the only guy who knows what I weigh. Because there's truly no judgement from Adam - there's only where you were without him and where you're going with him. Believe me, Adam is all about fitness and he is an exceptional athlete - but his true passion is helping others. If you're a trained athlete looking to take it to the next level, Adam is your guy. But what makes him stand out from the crowd is that even if you're not a trained athlete ... if you just need a boost ... if you have a specific physical issue to overcome ... or if you are 60 years old and have never been to a gym in your life, Adam will help you find your inner athlete. And suddenly you'll realize you're looking forward to that workout at Apex Performance.